our logo

It is not by chance that our logo appears before you!

BML International – UK are proud to be associated with the meaning of their unique company logo.

The logo is made up of three parts.

The Greek Key Line, represents the flow of life, love, friendship and devotion. It was used extensively in Ancient Greece meaning unity and infinity.

The form of a shield, for protection, to show power .

The Macedonian Star, the emblem of Alexander the Great. A symbol of strength and promise. Alexander the Great is a legend and hero. He was ambitious, strong and determined; a natural leader, educated by Aristotle. He is one of a kind. Despite a short life and career, Alexander shaped the world we live in today and his remarkable, expedition is an inspiration to those in travel and tourism who wish to discover the world and to follow in the footsteps of Alexander the Great.

These three symbols join together to represent the philosophy of BML International-UK in the three sectors of;

BML International-UK is well positioned to put you one step ahead and provide you with strength and success in the best environment.